About the Journal

Journal of Otorhinolaryngology is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal publishes recent advances or latest findings of Otolaryngology, Rhinology, Otology, Audiology, Facial plastic surgery, Neurotology, head and neck surgery, Sinusitis, Pituitary tumor, Severe epistaxis, Tonsillectomy, Laryngomalacia, Obstructive sleep apnea, Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Neurotology, head and neck oncology, Oncology and also Advancement patient care through basic transitional and clinical research. 


Sans Publishing Group is support the scientific community and to make the research information available to all the scientific community in an open access platform and to encourage scientists to publish their results in a detailed manner.


All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. The journal is committed to rapid peer-review and publication.

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