Data Use Policy

Data Usage Policy:


The context of this document is to define how data is used by Sans Publishing Group.


l  Information we receive from you:


Sans Publishing Group collect your information such as your name, qualification and email when you sign-up for our service. This information for our internal record keeping and we will not share this information with any third party unless required by law. Sans Group committed to make sure that your information is secure. 


l  Plagiarism Policy:


Plagiarism is defined by “the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy” on misconduct in Research as ‘The stealing of another person’s ideas, tables, process, results, content or words without giving appropriate credit’. The locality of the content is irrelevant when it comes to plagiarism; content from the internet is equally comparable to information appearing from a book or journal.


Plagiarism may be of “self or duplicate, blatant”. Blatant is a very transparent way of copying content from other papers. Self plagiarism means authors copying their own material without providing reference. Duplicate publication refers to the publication of the author’s articles in two or more journals at the same time either with or without changing the content.


l  Plagiarism before publication:


Sans Publishing Group will check the plagiarism for all the articles before publication. If the plagiarism content is detected at the time of proof reading or editing by editorial staff, peer reviewers or editors at any stage of publication process will be informed to authors to rewrite the manuscript. In case if the submitted original manuscript is 25% plagiarized then the article will be rejected and same will be notified to author.


l  How Sans Publishing Group Open access will handle the manuscript with plagiarism content :


Plagiarism is handled based on the percentage (%) of the plagiarism content in the manuscript.


If manuscript contain  

>5% plagiarism, manuscript will be accepted and it will send back to author to revise the manuscript.

>25% plagiarism, manuscript will not accepted and it will send back to author to revise the manuscript.

<25% plagiarism, manuscript will be rejected and will notify author to rewrite the manuscript.


l  What to do if a publisher comes across plagiarism content in any of Sans Publishing Group journals :


Kindly inform our editorial office by Name of the journal, Author name, date of publication and other relevant information. Our editorial offices will response according to Plagiarism Policy. If plagiarized content is noticed after publication then, depend on the percentage (%) of the plagiarism the article will be withdrawn from our journals and same will be notified to the author.


Sans Publishing Group does not encourage any form of Plagiarism. Therefore, we recommend checking the content before submitting to any of our journals for publishing.


l  Notice of Changes :


If Sans Publishing Group makes any changes to this Data Use Policy we will post here.


If you have any questions about our data practices or anything else, we encourage you to contact us.

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