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1.   What is Impact Factor? How is it calculated? 17 August, 2015
2.   Why SANS GROUP impose Article Processing Charges for publishing in its Journals? 17 August, 2015
3.   I am unable to submit more than one document in Submit manuscript page. What to do/any alternatives? 17 August, 2015
4.   What are the editorial responsibilities? Is there any bond for accepting this responsibility? What are the benefits? 17 August, 2015
5.   Is there any letter of appointment for being an editorial board member? 17 August, 2015
6.   What is the duration for publishing an article? 17 August, 2015
7.   What kind of manuscripts do you publish? 17 August, 2015
8.   What are reviewer credits? Can you give me additional information on this? 17 August, 2015
9.   How do I choose a topic for editorial? 17 August, 2015
10.   I would be glad to write an article. Is there any particular topic that you would like me to write? 17 August, 2015
11.   Is there any page limit for writing manuscripts? 17 August, 2015
12.   Are there any publication charges for colour images and number of pages in manuscripts? 17 August, 2015
13.   What is an Open Access? 20 July, 2015